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This Wednesday begins the first of the #zimbabwe150 deportations. These are members of our community who have lived in the UK in some cases since they were 5 years in old, in some cases for over 20 years. Please sign the petitions to halt these deportations. #Stoptheplane There are resources available below and details of the vigil on the 19th of July.

 One of the deportees is Bryan Mucheriwa, who has been refused asylum since the early 2000s and signs in with the HO fortnightly and during that time he is not eligible to receive benefits, a source of income, no right to work or recourse to public funds. He was an active member of his community and has three children here in the UK. He was even involved in the Wakefield Lunar Library Project: https://vimeo.com/356033834


Petition 1 https://detentionaction.e-activist.com/page/86515/tweet/1

Petition 2 https://www.change.org/p/uk-home-office-stop-the-charter-flight-deportations-to-zimbabwe?use_react=false&v2=false

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