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Hung Parliament and Migrants

Hung Parliament and Migrants.

We woke up this morning and found that there was a massive increase in the Labour vote and a hung Parliament.

It is our understanding that Theresa May is going to form a government with DUP Democratic Unionist Party The political landscape is in flux and so very uncertain. We are calling on the Conservative Administration to rethink their position and their policy on immigration. The British Public have not played to their tune and have not given the Tory government the landslide victory and mandate they were expecting.

Migrant Family Support deals with Migrants at grassroots level who have been affected by the Conservatives policy of reducing net migration at all costs and their expansion of the Hostile Environment for migrants. The Conservative Party has even stated that they would be increasing the minimum income threshold and thus causing more hardship for already stretched families. It is our hope that this election result will cause the Conservatives to reconsider some of their harsh immigration policies and introduce an immigration system that is fair and balanced.

The current hostile environment for illegal migrants is very ineffective and damaging. It is affecting migrant communities and British ethnic minorities. The policies are driving a wedge between migrants and the British public causing tension and animosity in the communities

Migrant Family Support will continue to support Migrant Families in the UK providing advocacy, providing emotional and spiritual support to individual migrants in the UK. We will continue to speak to law makers and advocate for change in legislation which is affecting the very moral fabric of our society.

Reducing migration numbers to the “tens of thousands” by any means necessary: The Immigration application fees have continued to rise on an annual basis and are causing untold misery for migrants who have limited leave to remain in the UK. The system is perpetuating poverty and placing thousands of children at risk of harm and as parents are forced to leave children in the care of unregistered childminders whilst working long hours. The current hostile environment is making it extremely difficult to continue living in the UK even with the permission to stay. One family that we interviewed yesterday were shocked to find that they were required to pay over £13,000 in Immigration application fees for settlement in the UK. The long-term effects of these harsh policies will cause untold misery for the government and the wider community in the long term. We are calling upon the government to reduce the Immigration Fees and make exceptions for minor children.

The manifesto also includes a pledge to increase the minimum income threshold for spouse and partner visas (currently at £18,600 pa). The threshold, introduced in 2012 in the pursuit to reduce net migration, has already caused untold harm to thousands of UK families, including approximately 15,000 mostly British children, many of whom are separated from a parent. Marriages have broken down, families have had to go into exile in European Countries and some have even gone to the extent of entering the UK through the back door. The minimum income threshold may have reduced immigration numbers by a small percentage but the long-term impacts of the devastating effects of families will cost the government more and cause more harm to our communities.

People are not just numbers. People are human beings with feelings hopes dreams and aspirations .

Entrenching the Hostile Environment: The impact of the Immigration Acts of 2014, 2015 and 2016 are indeed hostile and totally inhumane. Requiring landlords, doctors and bank tellers to conduct immigration status checks encourages discrimination, affects community cohesion damages integration and harms communities. The explicit policy of the last Government to create a “really hostile environment” for people living in the UK without immigration status must be rethought and repealed. Sadly the policy does not just affect those living here unlawfully but affects migrants who have limited leave to remain. It affects people who are extending their leave to remain. These people often face discrimination at work and are limited in the choices that they can make in relation to employment and education. The effect of the mental health of immigrants is catastrophic causing people to live in fear and in the shadows. The hostile legislation has led to suicides, depression and admissions in mental health hospitals. The government policy is causing a ripple effect of problems which are exacerbating the problems in communities and in the end costing the government far more. The right to rent scheme is causing great difficulty and discrimination to anyone who looks non-British.

We are encouraging the Government to commit to a full evaluation of the Right to Rent scheme’s operation in England and to look properly at discrimination occurring under the. Indiscriminate data-sharing agreements that allow the Home Office to access information from schools and must also be re-examined and repealed.

We as a Community organisation are looking at ways that we can work together with the Conservative Party so that we can help to formulate and structure an effective integration strategy

We are keen to see marriages and families restored. We are keen to see a Britain where citizens are united, where we share what is good about this beautiful nation and fight against all forms of extremism and discrimination. We cannot do that with a government that is not willing to engage with migrants and is bent on creating legislation that is discriminatory inhumane and draconian.

Whatever happens with Brexit, as a people we must not allow any of the human rights that protect every person in the UK to be diminished or done away with. We call on the Government to ensure that no person enjoys less protection in the future, than they do now.

As a Charity that has been formed by Migrants and for Migrant families we are ready to take up the challenge to challenge the government policies that affect migrant families in the UK causing division, hatred, isolation and harm. The policies that are destructive will be challenged. We urge the government to work with us to create a happy safe Britain .

Migrant Family Support is a Charity supporting Migrants living in the UK who are of African Origin. Migrant Family Support provides support to the family in the areas of marriage , parenting and bereavement  . MFS educates , empowers and helps to restore migrants . We advocate for their rights and speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves .

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